Yuca is not YUCK-a! Info & a Recipe Round-up

In the paleo world, we’re pretty picky of our starches and tend to lean towards those that pack the best punch (read: are most nutritional and contain a great ratio of micronutrients and minerals to calories). But, can anybody really be mad if we’re just aiming to efficiently fuel our bodies? No? I didn’t think so… 😉

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Yuca Gnocchi with Chorizo Guacalfredo

Did your mouth water by reading the title alone? Prepare yourself for a culinary conglomeration of the two most amazing (in my opinion) food categories ever: Mexican & Italian.

Homemade gnocchi is a tradition in my family, and the recipe has been passed down through generations from my dad’s side (and is also his favorite meal), which came straight off the boat from Italy. Yeah, it’s that authentic. Continue reading “Yuca Gnocchi with Chorizo Guacalfredo”