‘Basic’ Paleo Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof Coffee

First off, LOL!  
If that offends you, I apologize. I think it’s totally hilarious! My Facebook has been overloaded with tons of “OMG it’s almost fall!” statuses lately… Including my own. No shame. 

I may have hollered “eeeeeeee! PUNKINS!” While driving by a local farm that had pumpkins sitting out. I’m 98% positive someone heard me, but I don’t care. With fall comes leggings, oversized sweaters, scarves, warm beverages, & most importantly our wedding!!

I wanted to send you on your way today with a lovely warm beverage recipe… All the wonderful qualities of Bulletproof coffee, AND pumpkin spice latte for all of you that love fall without all the added sugar, preservatives, and chemicals!! 

I made this recipe for 2 today, so here goes:

🍁 1/4 tsp cinnamon

🍁2 pinches ground ginger

🍁2 pinches ground cloves

🍁2 pinches nutmeg

🍁2 tsp ghee

🍁2 TBS coconut oil

🍁2-4 TBS pumpkin purée (Depending on how pumpkin-y you like it)

🍁16-20oz of your favorite coffee
Combine all ingredients, except coffee, divide into two equal portions. 

In your blender, add one of the equal portions of pumpkin mix and 8-10 oz coffee. 

Blend for 10-15 seconds or until completely combined. There should be a frothy layer at the top! 

Pour into your favorite mug and snuggle up by your favorite fall scented candle.
If you liked this recipe, make a big batch then portion out into an ice cube tray. Freeze, then in the morning before heading out the door, pop one of the cubes in your blender, add coffee and blend! Easy peasy fall guilty pleasure. 💁🏻

I hope you enjoy! 



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Bulletproof Coffee ‘Meltaways’… & something for the fur-kids

where's my damn coffeeLike 95% of the human population, I am a zombie until I’ve had my morning coffee. Some nights I go to bed dreaming of my morning cup of french press Cafe Bustelo, black…. I may have a slight problem.  I also enjoy cappuccinos, but after giving up dairy, I haven’t been able to have one… until I came across this ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ goodness.

Are you interested in amping up your coffee game in the morning? Maybe saving some money and not going to the infamous Coffee Shop every morning on your way to work? Are you dairy-free and looking for a cappuccino substitute?

That’s what I’m here for–To help you hack your morning cup ‘o joe and rev up your home brewed coffee by making it ‘Bulletproof’!  Continue reading “Bulletproof Coffee ‘Meltaways’… & something for the fur-kids”