Spicy Kale & Chicken Frittata {21DSD Compliant}

Frittata’s are so simple.  Easy grab and go breakfast, make a huge batch at once then cut and store.  Easy peasy. I’m all about easy real food meals. So many people believe that eating healthy is more difficult and takes too much time to prepare, which in turn keeps them from even trying this lifestyle.  Well, I’m here to tell you that if I can do it… YOU CAN! It’s all about planning ahead, taking about 2 hours on a sunday to prep everything for the week, that way when the time comes to make dinner for the day, you’ve already chopped/diced/sliced everything and all you have to do is cook.  The only things you have to dirty are the dishes you eat off of and the pans you cook the stuff up in.  You can do this.  Your health is worth it.

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SCONES! (3 ways: Blueberry, Apple, Dark Chocolate Raspberry)

All my life I’ve loved the Duncan Hines Blueberry Streusel muffins that come in the red box with the can of blueberries and the bag of ‘streusel’. Does anyone else remember those? Well, big surprise that neither myself nor John can eat any of that stuff in that box anymore, so the other day when a blueberry muffin craving hit, I did some brief research on how to make muffins from scratch.  After deciding I’m all “muffin’d out” as of lately I then set my mind to scones and altered the recipe (in my brain) accordingly. Scones sound so scholarly.  So tea with the Queen-y. Sophisticated breakfast cookies. Continue reading “SCONES! (3 ways: Blueberry, Apple, Dark Chocolate Raspberry)”