21DSD Complete Review

21DSD complete review

As promised, here is our much awaited complete review of the 21DSD, from the perspectives of Sydney & John… Continue reading “21DSD Complete Review”

ADD/ADHD & Paleo

As time goes by and our diet gets more Paleo and we try new diet modifications, I’m getting more and more interested in natural cures to diseases/ailments/etc.  Let’s face it… Any unnatural, processed, refined additive in food is bad news bears for us to ingest.  Some peoples’ systems may be stronger than others’ and be able to appear to function regularly, but others are not so lucky. Recently, I’ve decided to research into natural remedies for some of my own medical issues/ailments: ADHD-inattentive, and urticaria (cause of which is still unknown).  I figure since I exploited John’s weakness (Crohn’s), it’s time to share mine as well… Continue reading “ADD/ADHD & Paleo”

Sully’s 1 Year ‘Fur-ever’ Family Anniversary & a Paleo Pup treat recipe!

1 year ago today, I adopted a puppy.

It all started when I went on the pound’s website just to oogle at some adorable pups. Well, then I saw this guy… ‘Blitzen’ was his name, I’m assuming the rest of his litter were ironically named after the 8 reindeer of Santa’s sleigh since they were dropped off on December 31st… How cute was the little baby?! Even if he looks terrified, still..  those FRECKLES doe!!!


I had no business adopting a puppy at the time, and actually didn’t plan on anything more than going to meet him and give him some love at the shelter… Oh, but I was wrong…. Continue reading “Sully’s 1 Year ‘Fur-ever’ Family Anniversary & a Paleo Pup treat recipe!”