This Week’s Menu Planning 4/25-5/1

On April 20th, we started our 2nd round of The 21 Day Sugar Detox.  It’s a lot easier this time now that I have kept up with the original routine of prepping foods for the week, and since we generally eat VERY low sugar Paleo, it’s been a breeze and I haven’t missed much.   Continue reading “This Week’s Menu Planning 4/25-5/1”

21DSD Complete Review

21DSD complete review

As promised, here is our much awaited complete review of the 21DSD, from the perspectives of Sydney & John… Continue reading “21DSD Complete Review”

Venison (or Beef) Stroganoff

If you’re looking for a savory comfort food dish that’s sure to please, you’ve found a winner with this recipe for Venison (or Beef) Stroganoff. Who says eating Paleo or doing the 21DSD detox has to be all salads and boring foods?!…

I’m lucky enough to have a Dad that deer hunts (responsibly), and cans the venison that he harvests… Even better, he SHARES!!! So, thank you Mom and Dad for sharing some venison with us! I’ll make this for ya’ll when we visit next. 🙂

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21DSD: Day 21… The final day

ilove21dsdThis post is a day late, and I apologize! Our real day 21 was super duper busy–full of tracking down a mandoline slicer, teaching a Spinning class, prepping the food for the SuperBowl party we were going to, showering and getting ready… Madness.

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21DSD: Day 20 & Chipotle ‘Seahawk’ Wings

Day 20 involved a Spinning class at a new gym, grocery shopping & meal prep for the upcoming week (since my Sunday prep day will be filled with teaching at my other gym & Super Bowl festivities), and concocting a dry rub recipe for some killer wings for you wonderful humans reading this. If you’re still looking for recipes for your dish to take to your SuperBowl party, look no further!  Continue reading “21DSD: Day 20 & Chipotle ‘Seahawk’ Wings”

21DSD: Day 19 & Coconut Baked Fried Chicken

what you want now mostHot DOG we’re getting this done! Day 19 and we’re in the home stretch!

I’ve been thinking about how we’re going to apply this to our daily post-detox lives, and I’m thinking about allowing Continue reading “21DSD: Day 19 & Coconut Baked Fried Chicken”

21DSD: Day 18

you are what you eat“You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.”  But really… I’ve learned through this detox that this very statement is 150% true.  Even my ‘cheats’ of extra allowed (but limited) fruit made me feel like crap.   Continue reading “21DSD: Day 18”

21DSD: Day 17 & a Spinning Playlist

Clear your mind of “can’t”! Cuz “can’t” never got ANYTHING done. Believe in yourself and that you have everything you need to do/be/conquer whatever you set your mind to. And guess what… Your biggest competition lies right behind your eyes, situated nicely between your ears. Continue reading “21DSD: Day 17 & a Spinning Playlist”

21DSD: Day 16

Diane sent that quote out in her day 16 emails for everyone signed up for the 21DSD daily emails.  She was relating that quote to the detox and retraining our minds to think about sugar less by being grateful for the yummy food we are experiencing.  Eating foods free of sugar and refined and processed crap has really opened my mind and helped me think clearer. Even without my meds!

This quote hits home. Especially here lately. We don’t need to have fancy things, or be able to go out and do extravagant activities, but instead, all we need is to be able to find joy in what we already have and be grateful that we were blessed with each other.  Any day that we wake up and are healthy and breathing with food on the table and a roof over our heads is something to be SO grateful for. That’s more than enough for me!  Continue reading “21DSD: Day 16”

21DSD: Day 15 & Hot Baked Chicken Thighs Recipe!

learn new think be
because this quote. and cats. 🙂

Today I stumbled across this neat app: MyPaleoPal.  It’s essentially a forum, similar to instagram mixed with myfitnesspal, that people post pictures/descriptions/recipes of their paleo meals so others can like, comment, and get inspiration and ideas for paleo meal planning.   Continue reading “21DSD: Day 15 & Hot Baked Chicken Thighs Recipe!”