HBD Spinning Ride & a Podcast!

For my birthday (May 8th, so this post is a little late), I decided to throw my own party… in the saddle… to some awesome tunes that I’ve jammed out to over the course of my life thus far.  Which, if you can’t tell by the looks of the playlist itself, this class was a HUGE hit!!! So much jamming out and singing.  Best birthday ever!!! Since it was such a hit, I decided to try my hand at making a podcast complete with my cues I give in class!  I’m also working on a way to do one without the verbal cues, so stay tuned… Don’t laugh if it’s hilariously awful… the link to the podcast is at the bottom of this post. 🙂

(Update- I don’t have the necessary platforms to configure a podcast at the moment. I do have a YouTube channel instead… Check me out: Syd&SPIN!)

hbd spin list

May HBD ride: (verbal cues and notes)


HERE WE GO-warm up flat road +1 or 2, 85-90 rpm

BLUE-sprints saddle and at 2, chorus vs verses.

CRAZY- heavy hand hops (between 2 and 3)… 4 ct pedal strokes (around 70rpm), hands at 1 for 2ct hands hop to 2 for 2ct. Repeat. Chest up, shoulders down, abs tight, keep hips engaged, light hands.

SUMMER GIRLS- heavy @ 3 (optional figure 8s) with beat

LARGER THAN LIFE- heavy 2 ct jumps with beat (optional surprise isos when beat slows)

BARBIE GIRL- sprints over chorus

SPACE JAM- @ 2 for push-ups (come on and SLAM) then out to 3

SWITCH- hand hops/ jumps. 4 ct pedal strokes (around 90rpm), hands at 1 for 2ct hands hop to 2 for 2ct. Repeat. Chest up, shoulders down, abs tight, keep hips engaged, light hands.

IN DA CLUB- heavy w/ down beat (50rpm), saddle then to 3 with the chorus.

EVERYTIME WE TOUCH- sprints up a hill over chorus. Add level after each.

WHEN I GROW UP- heavy w/beat hover, faster at 3 for chorus.

GLAMOROUS- mod-heavy saddle climb out to 3 keep w/beat. Add level each minute out to 3 for last minute.

TOM FORD- mod tap backs with beat.

CRUISE- moderate climb in saddle, add level & run at 3 for nelly, climb at 3 thru the end.

BIRTHDAY SONG- hover (or iso for chorus)! Heavy w/beat

SAY AHH- cool down


Syd&SPIN #1: HBD Throwback Ride (w/cues)

So, listen away, try it out on a bike at your leisure, and let me know what you think!!! 🙂

Yours in health and sunshine,




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