This Week’s Menu Planning 4/25-5/1

On April 20th, we started our 2nd round of The 21 Day Sugar Detox.  It’s a lot easier this time now that I have kept up with the original routine of prepping foods for the week, and since we generally eat VERY low sugar Paleo, it’s been a breeze and I haven’t missed much.  

Last night though, after Grey’s Anatomy… I could have used an adult beverage. Darn you, Patrick Dempsey, for being a diva in real life!!! All in favor of starting a petition for Robert Downey Jr as Meredith’s new love interest, say aye!

Today, I decided to pick up from where I left off in the whole Grey’s watching (back when Mr. Clark was shooting up the hospital.. yeah i know that was forever ago…) but our netflix/internet is buffering every five minutes and I’m feeling super insane first world problems. COME ON INTERNET! BUFFER! lol

Anywhoo, I scoured the weekly ads for the best deals and planned this next weeks menu around that! And as always, I make enough for 3 servings so John can take some to work the next day for lunch.


Breakfasts: frittata or scrambled eggs with mixed veggies, bulletproof coffee!

snacks: boiled eggs, raw veggies, chicken salad 

Sunday– Chicken Salad Salads

Monday– Lemon chicken with zucchini and squash and baked sweet potatoes

Tuesday– Shepards pie (sweet potatoes, cauli mash, peas, ground beef) and salad

Wednesday– Pork chops, broccoli, carrots

Thursday- Turkey burgers w/baked or roasted sweet potatoes and salad

Friday- Breakfast for dinner: eggs, bacon, sweet potato apple onion hash


Food Lion

Cluster tomatoes $1.29/#

Ground chuck $3.49/#

Ground Turkey $2.99/per pkg

Walmart Neighborhood Market

Organic boxed salad mix $2.98

(2) Rotisserie Chickens $5/ea

Kerrygold unsalted butter

Harris Teeter

Bunch Collards $0.99

Lemons 5/$3

Mini Sweet peppers 1# bag $1.99

Red grapefruit 10/$10

Sweet potatoes $0.99/#

Yellow or zucchini squash $1.49/#

Pork Chops BOGO

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 64oz 2/$5

HT ready quick veggies BOGO (peas, broccoli)

Eggs HT 2.5 dozen (not on sale)

Applegate bacon (not on sale)

Cauliflower (not on sale)

Whole Carrots (not on sale)

Green apples (not on sale)

Also on my list:


Betterbody Coconut Oil $10

Light Tasting EVOO $15 (I use this to make homemade mayo. Big huge container is perfect for use for mayo since each batch takes 1 cup oil.)

My projected expenses for this shopping extravaganza is $102.

Yours in health,



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