May Spinning vol 2

After writing what I’m told (by my members, and my own legs) has been my best class yet, I was excited to write another! So I did.

I haven’t tried this one out yet, so there’s most likely going to be some editing done to the drills and potentially song order change, but these songs are pretty killer! 🙂


**I teach classes using LifeCycle GX bikes as well as Spinner Pro bikes.  When I say ‘level’ that means 1 resistance level on LifeCycle GX bikes and 1/2 turn on the Spinner Pro bikes. On the slow heavy climbs, focus on form and finding your zone.**

BATMAN- warm up & intro

ALL THE WAY- saddle climb, mod level

NO MEDIOCRE- run @ 2

UP DOWN- Jumps 4 ct

GHOST- saddle climb mod-heavy w/beat

FUN- run @ 2, add levels periodically

LIKE A DOG CHASING CARS- Mod to heavy; saddle to 3

CARRY OUT-  run @ 2, 2 ct jumps for ‘Carry Out’

FALL INTO THE SKY- moderate saddle climb to the beat into next song

PLAY HARD- saddle climb w/beat, increase level every minute

TONIGHT BELONGS TO U- keep with beat, 4 ct Jumps whole song

RIGHT NOW- saddle climb add levels periodically

TURBULENCE- heavy @3, speed up for turbulence!!

ALL HANDS ON DECK- heavy hover (w/ surprise isolations?)

BONELESS- mod climb @ 3 w/beat

GLAD YOU CAME- saddle, sprints over chorus!

TEAM- cool down & stretch

have fun with this class! If you try it out, leave a review!!!



Please note that while I make every effort to capture and present these indoor cycling class / Spinning class profiles accurately, the class profiles and class descriptions posted on this blog do not constitute complete instruction for teaching the indoor cycling class / Spinning class.

No statement is made to the suitability or otherwise of the indoor cycling profiles presented on this blog. Care must always be taken when riding an indoor cycle. Please, consult your physician before starting an exercise program.

The indoor cycling class / Spinning class profiles presented are not meant to be exercise and/or personal recommendations, but only examples of workouts that the author completed in the past. The owner and authors of these cycling class profiles will not be responsible or liable for any injury, illness or death resulting from the use of the information contained in this article.

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