Just Keep Spinning

FullSizeRender 8If you’ve ever been to any sort of group fitness class, you know it’s more fun when there’s more people in the class. 1) you feel like the instructor isn’t staring at YOU the whole time, 2) the atmosphere is INSANE, and 3) the instructor doesn’t feel like they can’t look up (because they don’t want you to feel like you’re being stared down… don’t worry, we know) and they too have more fun!!

That being said, today’s class was AMAZING! Close to a full house. Lights off. Party feel. CLASS PARTICIPATION!!! Woohooo! Thanks to all of you that came to ride today!  All those things make me so happy and excited.  So here comes the new playlist I rolled out:

spin mar vol 2

**disclosure: optional add ins include: tap backs, figure 8s, push ups, and the one i invented ‘triangles/tripods’.  These are optional as they are not backed by Spinning, but I do find them fun, so they stay as an OPTION. When done with the correct form, there’s no harm done. 🙂 **

For all songs, match the beat and add in the resistance until it feels like you’re pushing and pulling through mud. YOU are responsible for what resistance you put or don’t put on your bike, and your results will show just that… so, how bad do you want it? Determine that, then add it in.

Genesis– warm up

Labrinth– saddle climb to 3. Increase resistance periodically

Tom Ford– tap backs (optional). Increase resistance 1/2 way through song, 3/4 way through song.

7/11– climb at 3, accelerations at 2 over dub step part.

E.T.- saddle climb, optional push-ups (I haven’t added these in class yet). Increase resistance before chorus.

Moves like Gangam– saddle accelerations for maroon 5, jumps for gangam.

Uptown funk– climb at 3, optional figure 8s. Fast feet for ‘uptown funk don’t give it to Ya’ thru to next verse.

Centuries– saddle climb, run at 2. repeat. add resistance

Sugar– saddle climb with chorus accelerations. Increase resistance.

I want you to know– faster climb at 3, focus on form

Gas pedal– run at 2, then 3 & hover for gas pedal keep the pace. ‘Twerk’ drop the booty to the seat slowly then slowly back up like a tap back.

Da dip– ‘tripods’ or jumps for “when I dip, you dip, we dip”, run at 2. (‘tripods’ are the move I made up… similar to a figure 8- lean your body weight into the bottom of the pedal stroke and up over the handle bars for the first two counts. then for the next two counts, hover your booty over the saddle… making a triangle/tripod shape)

Cruise– moderate climb in saddle, add level & run at 3 for nelly, climb at 3 thru the end.

Royals– HEAVY resistance isolations, slow then faster. then to 3, repeat 4-5 times This originally wasn’t in the list, but riders were begging for more! So, we worked on those sexy legs!

Geronimo– cool down & stretch

You know it’s fun when I start dancing on the bike… I may or may not have looked like this… I pulled out the ‘it’s hot’ fan during uptown funk, then I ‘rolled the windows down’ and cruised. lol… Reasons why I don’t do Zumba ^^^

elaine dancing
imagine this… on a bike. LOL!
Results from class courtesy of my Mio FUSE heart rate monitor!

After class today, one of my first timers came up and said that I was “insanely motivational and tough”.  This totally made my entire day. Maybe even my week! That’s exactly what I’m setting out to do with each of my classes every day.  If I only reach one person per class, I’m happy. Whatever you have to do to push yourself to the limit and get the most out of your workout, I’ll definitely support it and be there to egg you on and motivate. Promise.

Then… funniest thing ever — I hopped off the bike and then heard ‘Wow! You looked tall on the bike!’ LOL, yes I’m short… the bike seat and handlebars ALMOST don’t go low enough for me. But, I can still bring it.

you're short

So, conscensus was– this new playlist was the BOMB.com and if you weren’t there, you should’ve been. This playlist will be in the rotation! Here’s my schedule:

Monday 9:30a  Omni Health & Fitness

Tuesday 9:30a  World Gym

Wednesday 9:30a Omni Health & Fitness

Thursday 9:30a Omni Health & Fitness

Friday— Rest & Recover! This is IMPORTANT! 🙂

Saturday 10:00a World Gym

Sunday 1:30p (some sundays-check the group schedule) Omni Health & Fitness

Hope to see you in the saddle soon!



P.S… Check out my recipe featured on Paleo Living Magazine’s website! it’s #18! http://paleomagazine.com/40-flavorful-paleo-stuffed-peppers-recipes/

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