21DSD: Day 21… The final day

ilove21dsdThis post is a day late, and I apologize! Our real day 21 was super duper busy–full of tracking down a mandoline slicer, teaching a Spinning class, prepping the food for the SuperBowl party we were going to, showering and getting ready… Madness.

Today, we ate:

Brunch: bacon, pepper, onion omelet with a side of bacon.

Dinner: Chipotle ‘Seahawk’ Wings, guac, veggies, sweet potato chips that didn’t really turn out as chips but rather fries, and other various dishes that friends brought.

covington vodka
Creamy and smooth texture. I enjoyed mine with a grapefruit lacroix and a lime wedge. YUM

As day 21 came to a close, and since we stayed on plan so well during and are now wanting to see how we will apply it to our lives daily post-detox, we celebrated with an adult beverage (and a to die for peanut butter chocolate pudding pie… Don’t judge me!). Not just any adult beverage though… Covington’s Sweet Potato Vodka, made right here in North Carolina!

So, riddle me this– If regular vodka is made from white potatoes, and white potatoes are NOT paleo, but sweet potatoes ARE paleo, is sweet potato vodka paleo? While you think that over, I’m gonna go ahead and decide that it is indeed paleo. lol.

As we celebrated the Patriots triumph over the Seahawks in Superbowl 49, witnessed whatever Katy Perry thought she was doing at half time-but those dancing sharks tho!, and had fun with our friends, I noticed how easy it was to stay on the detox plan even when you go out with friends and have get togethers.  You have to make choices that are best for YOU, and you have to accept the outcomes from your choices- both good and bad.  This morning I felt pretty sluggish and blah, most definitely from the alcohol and sugar that I chose to enjoy last night… But that was enough for me for awhile.  Back on the plan! Our new and improved post 21 Day Detox modified plan for the soon to be DeLucchis! 🙂

We did the detox! YAY!

Are you going to do the 21DSD?



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