21DSD: Day 17 & a Spinning Playlist

Clear your mind of “can’t”! Cuz “can’t” never got ANYTHING done. Believe in yourself and that you have everything you need to do/be/conquer whatever you set your mind to. And guess what… Your biggest competition lies right behind your eyes, situated nicely between your ears.

After sneaking in an extra banana last night (totally off plan) I regretted it. I felt bloated and icky and I couldn’t get to Spinning class quick enough this morning to sweat out all those toxins I was feeling. No, bananas aren’t filled with toxins, but that’s how I felt that one extra banana was being interpreted by my body! I taught a pretty sweet class this morning and afterwards I was pumped to write a new class. With my classes I try my best to offer different ‘levels’ within my class design so no matter your experience level, you still get the best workout for YOU. So, I prompt everyone with hand positions, in or out of the saddle, resistance and RPM, then it’s up to them to decide: strength train and focus a tough climb at the resistance I have prompted, endurance train by keeping at the prompted RPM while maintaining a challenging resistance, or go all in ‘beastmode’ and keep up with BOTH resistance and RPM. I’ve seen a good assortment of each track in my classes which makes me happy that I’m able to cater to the masses! 🙂

Here’s a new playlist to be tried out this weekend! Rolling hills up to a mountain climb (including 2 pyramid climbs 15-30-45-60), terrain levels off for a bit then we continue the climb over some rolling hills to finish off our ride. And of course I’ve worked in some Tabata drills along the way! Muahahahaha. If you’re concerned how we get ‘down the mountain’ after all that climbing, just imagine a ski lift or a water slide taking you down to the bottom! 🙂

feb spin list


After class, I sucked down the rest of my water bottle and am well on my way to reaching my goal of drinking 100oz of water per day. Let me just tell you, at around ounce 36, I felt like my eyeballs were gonna float right out of my face. So. Much. Water. And so many trips to the little girl’s room… But it’s good for me, and I’m typically dehydrated, so I will push on through! Can’t never got anything done, right?

Breakfast: buffalo chicken frittata with half an avocado and half a roma tomato for Sydney. John had leftovers from dinner last night as well as frittata.

Lunch: apple, pistachios, and a big amount of water for Sydney. John had kale spinach and iceberg lettuce salad with an entire avocado and Roma tomato, baby peppers, half a cucumber, jerky, 3 hard boiled eggs, and a bag of almonds.

Dinner: Lemon pepper slow cooker roasted chicken, with baked sweet potatoes and sautéed lemon garlic spinach.


Day 17 recap: John reports that he’s lost at least another inch from his waist (which was why I put an entire avocado in his lunch, and why he is getting a TON of protein packed for him to take to work daily). The side effect of losing all this weight is a welcomed side effect by the both of us! Helps a lot with toning and slimming down of those trouble areas.


Please note that while I make every effort to capture and present these indoor cycling class / Spinning class profiles accurately, the class profiles and class descriptions posted on this blog do not constitute complete instruction for teaching the indoor cycling class / Spinning class.

No statement is made to the suitability or otherwise of the indoor cycling profiles presented on this blog. Care must always be taken when riding an indoor cycle. Please, consult your physician before starting an exercise program.

The indoor cycling class / Spinning class profiles presented are not meant to be exercise and/or personal recommendations, but only examples of workouts that the author completed in the past. The owner and authors of these cycling class profiles will not be responsible or liable for any injury, illness or death resulting from the use of the information contained in this article.

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