21DSD: Day 16

Diane sent that quote out in her day 16 emails for everyone signed up for the 21DSD daily emails.  She was relating that quote to the detox and retraining our minds to think about sugar less by being grateful for the yummy food we are experiencing.  Eating foods free of sugar and refined and processed crap has really opened my mind and helped me think clearer. Even without my meds!

This quote hits home. Especially here lately. We don’t need to have fancy things, or be able to go out and do extravagant activities, but instead, all we need is to be able to find joy in what we already have and be grateful that we were blessed with each other.  Any day that we wake up and are healthy and breathing with food on the table and a roof over our heads is something to be SO grateful for. That’s more than enough for me! 

I updated my Day 15 post yesterday and added the Hot Baked Chicken thighs recipe as well as an updated review on the app I downloaded.  To paraphrase, I’ve switched to using the TwoGrand app, which I find fits my wants/needs better for ‘diet’ accountability/tracking and ease of use. It had everything that I felt the other app was lacking, so I switched. Join me on TwoGrand… my username is: paleoptimistic, or you can search my name: Sydney D’Agostino!

On to what we ate today, Day 16:

 Breakfast: Same as yesterday– banana chia n’oatmeal with almond milk and green tipped banana slices, the rest of the green tipped banana, apple streusel muffin, and a slice of buffalo chicken frittata.

{breakfast was followed up by some at home Yoga and some quick laundry!}

Lunch: Chicken salad over shredded lettuce with a pickle, baby peppers, hard boiled egg, and slices of jerky.  {John got all that plus the leftovers from last night’s dinner as his lunch for work today}

Snack: grapefruit and almonds

Dinner: Breakfast for dinner! (can you tell we like breakfast for dinner?!) Pumpkin pancakes (recipe will be posted later!) with vanilla bean coconut butter (p.98 in the 21DSD guidebook), and a side of bacon & dirty scrambled eggs!

pumpkin banana pancakes

Day 16 Recap: I honestly can’t believe it’s day 16! the days are flying by and the only thing I really honestly miss is chocolate. Unsweetened cocoa powder is just not doing it for me, but hey… I don’t NEED the chocolate. lol. John has reported that Crohn’s symptoms have subsided even more! YAY! And he’s said he’s feeling like a beast while working out in the mornings, which is an added bonus and helps me know I’m feeding/fueling him adequately!



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