21DSD: Day 14

week two done boom


2 weeks down. 1 week to go! 

today was prep day..

Today was full of teaching an awesome cycling class at the gym for some awesome members, and meal prep.  My favorite part of the day today was (well there were two favorite parts) one of my members in class told me he bragged about me to the group boss man :D, and my second favorite part was when another member was leaving class he said in an excited way “Thanks for the awesome torture!” Score. My class is torture and it’s the kind of torture that people WANT to be involved in. That’s what I wanted. WOHOO! Day. Made.

Then it was off to the good ole Walmart Neighborhood Market (which is FAR BETTER than FoodLion… I hate Food Lion. You may be thinking- But, Sydney, hate is a strong word. – No. I hate Food Lion for a long laundry list of reasons that I don’t care to bother you lovely people with at this moment. Or really ever.) then to BJs for the stuff we buy in bulk.

On the prep ‘to do’ list was:

  • buffalo chicken, broccoli & tomato egg ‘muffins’ (which I didn’t want to wait for my muffin tin to be done making muffins, so I just made this a frittata.
  • Apple streusel muffins {from the 21DSD guidebook}
  • hard boiled eggs
  • THE chicken salad
  • Cinnamon coconut cookies {from the 21DSD guidebook}
  • Banana Chia n’oatmeal {from balanced bites.com}
  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Mooless Chocolate mousse {from the 21DSD guidebook}
  • And a batch of bone broth from the rotisserie chicken carcasses plus some ‘about to go bad’ veggies.

*I got 2 rotisserie chickens that were already cooked for the chicken salad and the buffalo chicken part of the frittata. TIME SAVER! Work smart, not hard.

So, it’s a lot, but it only took about 2 hours to prep, and when you think about it–the time you put in on a Sunday afternoon/night to make all this food for the week, you’re really saving SO MUCH TIME on your weekday mornings.  Even if you aren’t doing some crazy diet or detox, you should totally think about prepping stuff for the week so you can sleep a few extra minutes then zombie to the fridge in the morning and grab your prepped stuff then pop it in the microwave (in a microwave safe, non-plastic container).

buffalo chicken fritata
buffalo chicken, broccoli & tomato fritatta
sweet potatoes
Baked sweet potatoes fresh from the oven, ready for cinnamon snow!









So, I’m cooking away… cooking away… And John decides to look through the 21DSD book.  Decides to add the moo-less chocolate mousse and the cookies to the list– he is an amazing man.  He decided that we should make ‘double doozies’ with the cookies and the mousse… This is why they pay him the big bucks… why didn’t I think of this wonderful marvelous idea?!  Anyways, we made and ate the 21DSD approved ‘double doozie’ and granted they were nothing like the Great American Cookie Co, but holy moly, they were scrumptious and didn’t involve early onset Diabetes!

apple muffin, moousecookie
Apple streusel muffin, and our ‘double doozie’


What we ate today:

breakfast: bacon, scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach

lunch: sweet potato, lunchmeat roll ups, pickle

dinner: Chicken salad wraps with pickle

chicken salad wraps

desert: ‘double doozie’ with an apple streusel muffin (we couldn’t resist and had to try one!)


day 14 recap: We both feel fantastic.  I swear the pounds are dropping off of John–which, we are going to start having him eat an avocado a day to hopefully keep him from dropping too much weight.  I’ve lost probably a total of 5# up to this point, but the biggest thing I notice is that my tummy is getting so flat, my love handles are almost obsolete, and my thighs are slimming down.  This absolutely amazes me.  Granted, I teach/attend up to 3 spin classes a week, but other than that I’m pretty inactive.  I haven’t changed my level of activity at all throughout this detox and it’s amazing how much only changing how you eat can cause such amazing results.  I have become such an advocate for this program, and I really can’t wait to see how we adapt this program into everyday habit.  We won’t be super strict sticklers, but pretty strict.  It’s also wonderful to feel appreciated.  I know he appreciates everything I’m doing for him, he says it all the time, but he hugged me a few times while I was prepping all this food for the week so he didn’t have to think (or wake me up, lol) in the mornings.  I think he really gets that I’m doing all this for him, so he can feel better and get his strength back and fully kick this flair up.   If you told me a few years back that I’d become quite the little [amateur] chef and health nut, I would have NEVER believed you. I probably would have said ‘hell no I’m never giving up bread and cheese and goldfish crackers.. that’s never happening.’  But you know what? I did. And I’m not even missing them.  It’s funny how you CAN change if you are passionate, motivated, and determined about something. Even if it’s for someone else and you just happen to reap some benefits.  I absolutely love making and searching out the ‘sunshine’ for John, and everything positive that comes from it, I just happen to get to be a part of as well and that puts a big old smile on my face. 🙂


So, have you committed to this 21DSD yet? or do I need to keep persuading you?


Find all the ways to make your own sunshine, and bask in it!






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