Day 11!

10 to go!

motivation daily

Motivation, recommended daily. Find a source of motivation, subscribe to Diane’s emails, find a motivational quotes calendar, listen to the ‘Eye of the Tiger’, etc.  Whatever gets you pumped up and psyched to keep going, do it! 

By day 11 we have noticed our cravings diminishing and we don’t miss much of what we ate before. I’m happily accepting and now looking forward to my Sunday Funday meal prep days and have declared Thursdays as my day to read the weekly specials ads for our favorite grocery stores in the area.  [If you’re squeamish or don’t care to hear my personal health information, skip the remainder of the paragraph.  If you’re up for hearing my favorite part of the detox, from a girl’s standpoint, keep reading!]  For this time of the month (TMI?) I’m used to discomfort (cramps), weight fluctuation, and my skin breaking out to the max, which is totally not the case right now!  I’d have to say that this is one of the best ‘side effects’ of this detox!  My skin is relatively clear, minimal cramps, and I’ve actually lost weight rather than gaining weight during this time! I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with me not eating my feelings and my body weight in chocolate while on the emotional roller coaster of the week prior and the week of the ‘wonderful time to be a girl’.  And I’d say this has benefitted John too since I wasn’t so hysterically emotional last week and I haven’t been a meanie this week either.  That being said, and since we have eaten no refined or processed foods these past two weeks, I’m gonna go ahead and say it: refined and processed foods and sugar of any kind are the DEVIL!

Mama says, y’all.

I’m starting to realize that I’m probably going to be that mom that doesn’t let her kids eat sweet foods or refined or processed junk.  But, since any (eventual) kids that will come from John and myself will most likely have the most hyper form of ADHD, I think this is necessary. It’s a huge commitment, but if controlling their food intake like this will keep them from having to be on pills to help maintain focus, it would be worth it.  Both John and I were diagnosed late in life and both tried non stimulants (strattera) and stimulants (adderal).  Strattera made me sick to my stomach, but adderal was the one that worked for me.  Even though it worked for me, I really don’t like taking it since it causes my heart rate to spike so rapidly.  While on this detox, I haven’t taken my adderal, and I’ve noticed my ability to focus on the task at hand has increased, and also writing in this blog has helped too. 🙂   I read an amazing article yesterday about a child recovering from autism and epilepsy due to a gluten and casein free diet.  To read the full abstract of the article,  you can read here, went on to say ‘Secondary benefits included resolution of morbid obesity and improvement of cognitive and behavioral features.’  Hmmm… i want you all to read that sentence again and think about it for a second. This child’s diet, which is free of gluten and caseins (filler crap) has fixed not only AUTISM SYMPTOMS, EPILEPSY, but also MORBID OBESITY, and IMPROVED COGNITIVE and BEHAVIORAL FEATURES.  So not only is this child autism and epilepsy free, but they lost weight, can think and process things better, AND they are more of a little angel now in regards to behavior.  All because of a diet free from crap.  Folks, lets start reading the labels on the foods we’re feeding the children of America and if we can’t pronounce the ingredient, or we don’t know what the heck it is, let’s not feed it to them!  I read the ingredients on a bag of Doritos yesterday while nannying, and I was disgusted…. Let’s not get too hung up in why eating healthy is so expensive, but rather ask why the cheap food is so cheap.

Sleep evaded me last night.  I had a lot on my mind and was tossing and turning, plus I couldn’t really breathe very well still.  A little Mucinex DM and I was down for the count.  Woke up to my puppy snuggling with me (John let him in the room this morning before he left for work) and that’s one of my favorite things to wake up to (other than waking up to my other half)!

Breakfast: My breakfast this morning was strange.  We ran out of green tipped bananas (due to me making the banana muffins) and I forgot  to go to the store yesterday, so there was no banana chia n’oatmeal for this morning as I had planned. Instead, I had a sweet potato, 2 hard boiled eggs with Franks Red Hot and a pickle.  Weird, I know… but strangely it hit the spot. go figure.

Snack: green apple or grapefruit with nuts or grain free sweet potato-ola. Vanilla spice tea.


My tea was very wise today: “Real happiness lies in that which neither comes nor goes, but simply is.”

Lunch: leftover chicken and cauli-rice soup with a side salad & veggies.

Dinner: Shepards pie (layers: shredded venison, cauliflower mash, peas and carrots, sweet potato mash)


Day 11 recap: I’m loving this detox! We will be continuing to eat like this even after the detox, however we will be adding in an allowed portion of wine/fruit every now and then.  No cravings, awesome moods, no discomfort, clear skin, feeling refreshed when we wake up in the mornings! Foods that weren’t so sweet before are now tasting sweet to me.  Our Almond milk tasted like desert when I had a glass last night and it was heaven.

Tip of the day: if you feel like giving up or feel like you don’t remember why you’re doing this, re-read your guide book or search benefits of removing sugar and processed/refined foods from your diet. Find what motivates you to keep going and indulge in it daily. Your health is worth it! 🙂 Plus, there’s just something about being in total control of how you’re feeling and how clearly you’re thinking that you wouldn’t have realized you had until you did this detox.  It’s life changing, people!

Stay optimistic!



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