21DSD: Day 10

Day 10 is here!!!

What does day 10 bring? Excitement of being almost halfway there! Determination to keep going. And motivation to get $h*t (like menu planning, weekly specials browsing, and meal prepping, or even literally anything else) done! 

Even though we aren’t supposed to be weighing ourselves during the 3 weeks of detox, I still keep track of my weight… not in an obsessive way or that I MUST know at all times.  I just like to keep track since we are highly active.  John says I look super skinny. Well thanks babe! Who doesn’t want to hear that, right?! I feel great, but my clothes don’t fit any different and I’ve only dropped 1.5-2# tops. But it always fluctuates… so I’ll chalk that up as a win, I guess? (roll your eyes at me, it’s ok)  On the other hand, I feel like John is disappearing- like the excess weight he had to lose (which wasn’t a lot anyways) is just dripping off of him.  He’s lost so much weight over the past few months, and he’s looking awesome lately.   He’s down to 173# mid detox!

I just recently finished my training videos for becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.  I’m not the biggest girly girl, but I like their products, what they stand for, and their business plan is pretty baller.  Plus, I have spare time that I’d enjoy spending helping other women pamper themselves and learn about this awesome opportunity and how it can impact their lives as well.  My goal is to shove as much money from this gig as I can towards our Honeymoon. So, anyone out there interested in some MK products or business opportunity? I can hook you up! Just let me know! haha  I’m not sure if it’s the opportunity or the detox helping me feel invigorated (isn’t that super corny to say? oh well!) but I’m so excited to get started!   I also can’t wait to hear more information about becoming a 21DSD Coach.  Diane is developing a program to become a certified coach for her detox and i’m totally drinking the sugar-free 21DSD compliant kool-aid. If I can do it, so can you.  And my last goal of the new year is to become a Certified Personal Trainer, on top of already being Spinning Certified.  Then maybe later I’ll go for some formal nutrition training.  These health and wellness hobbies are becoming a lifestyle for me, and I’m not stopping, slowing down, or hating it at all! I wouldn’t be here without the support of my other half, my family, and my friends.

On another note, I’m so thankful for all my followers and readers out there! Thank you all so SO much for following along with my rants and supporting my outlet of accountability and motivation that is ‘paleoptimistic’.  It’s such a positive feedback loop for me, and I hope you get kickbacks from this relationship too.  I hope I’ve motivated at least a handful of you out there to have a happy day, to make your own sunshine, to strive towards a healthier lifestyle, or just to take the stairs one time during your work day.  THANK YOU so much for all my silliness you put up with and ‘enjoy’. 🙂 Ya’ll rock.

SPIN class today while still congested was interesting but we still got an awesome ride in! Had a decent turn out and a great class vibe too! Having not worked out for a few days plus being snotty nosed with a slightly sore throat, yelling cues and motivation was rather exhausting, but I did it and I got everyone up the mountains and through the 2 rounds of surprise Tabata. 🙂

So, here’s what we ate today:

Breakfast:  on-the-go this morning! I had buffalo chicken egg muffins, banana muffin, and some peppers.


Post WOD: Jerky, and sweet potato with cinnamon, turkey lunch meat roll ups, pickle.

Lunch: leftover chicken cauli-rice soup, & salad with veggies and hard boiled eggs.

Dinner:  our favorite, breakfast for dinner!! eggs and bacon with sautéed spinach, peppers, and sweet potatoes, topped with avocado and tomatoes.


Day 10 Recap: Feeling super motivated, waking up very alert and ready to take on the day! As long as I keep moving I don’t feel sleepy, but while lounging to try to feel better, it was easy to doze off.  Possibly due to being sick though.




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