21DSD: Day 9

Day 9.

12 to go.

We’ve got this!

Diane’s guide book says to expect this on day nine: “I’m getting tired of the food I’m eating!” false. Only thing I’m tired of is not getting to eat all the fruits. ALL THE FRUITS!  ‘you may experience: Being overwhelmed by how much time is involved in food prep.’ slightly true, but not overwhelmed. I accept it. I love how I feel during the week. It’s totally worth it. Moving on. She then goes into reminding everyone to keep recipes fresh, try new things, subscribe to her daily emails which offer recipe ideas and inspiration (which if you’re contemplating doing the detox, sign up for these! They’re a little ray of sunshine in your inbox in the morning! 🙂 Plus, Diane is pretty adorable and her pictures are hilarious.)

You should also find the month’s detox group on Facebook if you do in fact Facebook.  I have an awesome time reassuring people on there and seeing recipes etc.  January’s group was awesome.  I signed up for February’s too, and I’m thinking about keeping with the detox into the future.  If you stay engaged with the group, it helps you stay accountable and see what other people excel at or what their downfalls are and how they managed their circumstances.

A lot of people post about caving and having sugar, pizza, or having more fruit, etc. Ok, this is fine. A small mishap is bound to happen.  I had 2 green tipped bananas yesterday, somebody call the sugar police! But no, I needed the extra potassium since I’m still hurting from the Spartan Workout (and being super weak) so I made the conscious decision to bypass the detox rules for what my body NEEDS.  I could have eaten some chia seeds, but since I wasn’t feeling that great today, I didn’t think the texture would be favorable.  I also had a packet of Emergen-C in hopes to keep myself from getting sicker.  If you have a moment of weakness and eat something off the plan, don’t beat yourself up about it, don’t sulk, don’t look for a pity party… Instead, get up, brush yourself off, and get back on the d*mn horse. Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you! Listen to your body. No excuses. YOUR HEALTH IS WORTH IT!

Remember how I mentioned before that Oreo and Nutella are out to get me? Well, if you know anything bout me, I love red velvet anything. Red velvet cupcakes, red velvet fro-yo, red velvet velvet, lol…. well, thanks to Buzzfeed, Facebook and those d@mn people over at Nabisco, this ad was brought smack to my newsfeed this morning:

red velvet oreos

I’d like to take this moment and personally, silently, curse out Nabisco for combining almost ALL of my favorite things into one… If these were Red Velvet oreos with funfetti icing, it would be on. On like Donkey Kong.

Anywho, It’s not worth it to go indulge in those little bites of heaven. I don’t need them and they definitely won’t help reset my blood sugar (in fact they would do the complete OPPOSITE!), help me do perfect pushups or be able to hold my body weight with my upper body.  Maybe after the detox I’ll get a container, have 1 or 2, and give them to someone else.

And also, here’s to all the people who think this diet and way of life is crazy, not worth it and stupid. If only you’d leave your comfort zone, research the facts (which Diane has so nicely laid out for us in her guide book) and try something new, you’d see what all the hype is about.  Health first! What do we have if we don’t have a healthy body? Not much.  I really wish more of my family would try it.  I’d love to see what this detox could do for those with high blood pressure and arthritis. Plus, I want everyone to be happy and healthy!

In regards to health, but unrelated to the detox, John stayed home from work again today.  That fever of 101+ hasn’t subsided, and I’m trying my best to take care of him, and my sick self at the same time.  He’s got the worse end of the stick right now, so I’ve gotta ‘man up’ and take care of my poor, sick other half. All I need to do for myself is kick the congestion so I can teach on Wednesday.  No one wants to hear their instructor sucking wind in class, or see them blow their snot mid-climb. I’ll still bring my clorox wipes from home and hose down my bike after I’m done. Don’t need any other instructors getting sick!

Breakfast: chia n’oatmeal, & leftover chicken & veggies soup. Yes you can have soup for breakfast. ESPECIALLY when you’re sick. Bone Broth heals, people! So does puppy snuggles. Snuggles and broth, snuggles and broth.

– no workouts today for either of us – rest – recover – heal –

Lunch: Salad w/ chicken salad, and some bone broth.

Snack: Hot bone broth, peppermint tea, sweet potat-ola, jerky, and The Civilized Caveman’s banana bread (which if it’s as amazing as it smells, I’ll do a separate post of the recipe!)

Dinner: Hot dogs (applegate) with carrots, cauliflower, and celery.  We channeled our inner 5 year olds tonight. It was marvelous.

Day 9 recap: Fevers almost gone! Feeling a little better, refreshed, and excited to keep trucking towards the finish line of this detox! Resisting all sugary temptations and no major side effects to report.

Scatter sunshine all along your way!



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