21DSD: Day 8

Day 8 is here and gone! 13 more to go!

I’m feeling a little better this morning after drinking some bone broth, taking some night-time tylenol (since I’m pretty sure I had a fever), and getting some great sleep.  I’m paying for taking that tylenol though… there’s something in pills and capsules that I’m allergic to and it creates lovely hives, or ‘urticaria’ on my extremities.  As long as I don’t scratch them, they go away on their own once the ingredient that my body doesn’t like gets out of my system.

Unfortunately, John came home from work early with a fever, so we’re cooped up in quarantine till that breaks.

On a positive side, we finally decided on a {dream} honeymoon spot: Sandals Grande Antigua

Sandals, because of the all inclusive-ness and all the awesome experiences. Which all sounds wonderful for a once in a lifetime experience.  And I’ve never been out of the states, so Carribean beach, uh yes. If you’ve ever watched the Sandals videos with the lady Cindy proclaiming what she says about everything in the third person, this is going to be my goal while on our honeymoon.  “Sydney says it’s time for drinks on the beach!” or “Sydney says zip lining sounds AWESOME!” etc. lol.

Oh, and can I get a ‘Go Patriots!’ ? I’m an honorary Pats fan every weekend of the year except when they play Peyton & my Broncos.  But now that the Broncos are sadly out of the playoffs, time to pull for my other team! How can you be an American and not be a Patriots fan? It’s like as american as you can be! I can’t wait to watch the Superbowl this year! It’s funny how my team played the Seahawks last year, and now John’s team will play them this year. Hopefully the results favor John’s team instead of how the results were for my team last year.

Now for what we ate today: 

Breakfast: Buffalo chicken egg ‘muffins’ (from the 21DSD guide book) with tomato slices, & grain-free sweet potat-ola w/milk.

Post WOD: sweet potato with cinnamon, 3 turkey lunch meat roll ups with spicy mustard and a pickle.

Lunch: Chicken Salad (paleOMG’s recipe, altered to be 21DSD compliant) over lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

Snacks: bone broth in mugs heals everything.

Dinner: Chicken & veggies soup with home made bone broth. Gotta kick this bug, whatever it is!


Day 8 Recap: Prep. Prep. Prep.  I cannot emphasize how important this is.  It’s tiring during all the preparation, and there’s a huge mess afterwards to clean up, but life is so much easier when you can zombie yourself to the fridge in the morning and just grab something, heat it up, and be on your way. Cravings for chocolate and sweets have increased for me lately, but for certain girl reasons… (TMI?) but other than that, and our bug we’ve come down with, we’re doing great on this detox plan!

Anyone reading this going to start this detox in February? There’s an official group starting up soon! Details on Dianne’s blog (balancedbites.com).

Find your sunshine on a cloudy day, even if you’re sick! Always!



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