21DSD: Day 7


Today is day 7, and my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday mom!!! Wishing we could have made it to Charleston for her birthday, but we’ll make it down between now and Dad’s bday for a birthday bash weekend.

Today I feel like I have a head cold setting in- may be side effects from the super cold Spartan workout yesterday, hopefully. Headache, stuffy nose, sneezing as much as I breathe… The works. Gonna try sipping on some bone broth, hopefully that helps.

Today is meal prep day. On the to do list: beef jerky, buffalo chicken muffins, chicken salad, hard boiled eggs, chia n’oatmeal, baked sweet potatoes for the week, and some more sweet potat-ola which john has been eating like cereal in the morning since I made it.

Breakfast: egg bacon and spinach omelet with avocado and a side of more bacon. Because, bacon.

Lunch: various post workout snacking

Dinner: venison with mashed cauliflower and green beans.

Day 7 recap: ONE WEEK DOWN! Woohoo!! Still no side effects. Hoping this head cold is unrelated to the detox and unrelated to ingesting a pathogen (other than an allergen, I can deal with that)… Ain’t got no time for a cold. John’s still taking his glutamine supplement and still feeling like he’s gaining more and more energy as each day passes! Less Crohn’s related symptoms as well. I couldn’t be more excited about this factor of the detox!! 14 days to go!




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