21DSD: Day 5


I’ve decided that today will be a very productive and positive day. Why? Because I said so.

I had ‘The Middle’ on abc family on in the background yesterday and got to thinking, ‘we all need to be more like Sue Heck’. This girl is early teen years, in high school, she is the middle child, braces, so NOT athletic, extremely uncoordinated and fails at almost everything she does, but she is awesome and let me tell you why: she NEVER lets her failures keep her from trying new things or breaking her spirit. This girl is always ALWAYS flashing that brace-face smile even in the darkest hour! If you ever needed someone to promote you, always be your biggest fan or be your (uncoordinated) cheerleader, love you unconditionally and unselfishly, she’s your girl! I think we should all channel our inner Sue Hecks and strive to have her essence shine through in everything we do. Bad things happen, that’s life. That’s how we learn. That’s how we build character. Be thankful that it wasn’t worse and that you were allowed that life experience, but don’t let it be a bigger deal than it truly is, don’t try to blame anyone for it happening or think the world is out to get YOU, and move on with your day with a smile. Strive to always improve. We got this.

Sleep came easily last night promptly at 8, again. Lol. I woke up with John again this morning and made him breakfast. I’m beginning to like getting my day started this early as it allows me to ‘dilly dally’ to my hearts content then ease into getting my day started at my normal time rather than hitting the ground running and rushing in the morning like I usually do. I don’t like rushing. It adds unneeded stress to my morning and I usually forget stuff.

Breakfast: spinach tomato peppers and breakfast bison sausage omelette for him. I put 5 eggs in it this morning but he only ate a little. The rest of the omelet went with him for post WOD fuel, which was my intention in making a mammoth omelet. I had a green tipped banana, 2 fried eggs, and some sautéed spinach.

Post WOD: 3/4 cup baked sweet potato with cinnamon and the rest of breakfast.

Lunch: Leftover turkey & zucchini poppers and squash over salad.

Dinner: venison and garlic broccoli with onions.


Day 5 recap: sleep is so lovely and has been coming easily. No having to attempt to find sleep! Hair is still so soft, and I haven’t been using anything fancy… Just the suave with Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner and my l’oreal anti frizz stuff after I dry my hair. I haven’t even been straightening it and it’s still oh so silky! Skin is clearing up. John’s flair up is subsiding (YAY!!). And we finally figured out adequate snackage and fuel for him in the mornings- a massive breakfast allowing for leftovers to be eaten after his workout.

Go be Sue Heck and show everyone they can make their own sunshine!



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