21DSD: Day 4


Today was a rough day, but not in terms of the detox. One of those days where I just really wanted to stuff my face with popcorn and have a warm cup of hot chocolate, in fluffy jammies, and snuggle with my kitten all day. Completely unrelated to cravings and sugar detoxing, just basically stress eating coping.
A little background on me: I used to let people walk all over me and never let things bother me to avoid conflict. I don’t do the whole ‘high school girl drama’ crap… I avoided conflict like the plague. And I was great at it… But that wasn’t great for me. The avoiding part. I needed to learn to stand up for myself. Well, last year I decided enough was enough and took a stand for myself. Ever since then, sometimes I spout my mouth (or my fingers) off in ways I shouldn’t to help cope with the need to stand up for myself, and sometimes to vent… Nobody’s perfect. (It is important to know that I do only speak the truth, granted it may be based on MY perception of the situation.)
I’m a big believer in the ‘drama triangle: victim, villain, hero’ model http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/the-triangle-game-freeing-yourself-from-victim-villain-and-hero-roles & the ‘be above the line’ concept http://intelligentrisking.com/keynotes.html , so I do strive to separate myself from the situation and not allow myself to fit into any of those ‘character’ categories. It is difficult at times to not let emotion take over and sometimes I don’t handle things as eloquently as I should. But, like I said, no one is perfect.
I also refuse to confront anyone about anything unless we are both prepared to have the discussion ‘above the line’. It’s a personal preference based on the fact that I prefer to have constructive conflict resolution conversations rather than emotion filled ‘blame game’ conversations. It’s easier said than done, but if the standard is set prior to the conversation that you wish to strive to keep conversations ‘above the line’ and ‘character less’ (no victims, villains, or heros), you can keep each other accountable and stay towards the path of conflict resolution.

Maybe this is the moodiness of the detoxing setting in? or maybe I’m just on point about this…
Anywhoo, enough about that! On to the best parts of the day! I was too lazy last night to prep breakfast for this morning, so I woke up with John and made him breakfast. 🙂

Breakfast: dirty scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage meatballs, sautéed spinach, peppers and tomatoes.

Lunch: leftover tuna cakes and cauli mash over salad with tomatoes cucumbers and peppers.

Post WOD: small baked sweet potato with cinnamon.

Dinner: chicken and zucchini nuggets with yellow squash and baked carrots.


Desert: frozen green tipped banana slices with almond milk and unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa powder. Yum!

Day 4 Recap: I think we’re starting to get the hang of this! 🙂 17 days to go!

Keep making your own sunshine!!



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