21DSD: Day 3


We were asleep by 8 last night, I know… we need to simmer down.   I woke up at 4:15 (before my alarm) ready to get my day started. So, coffee and kitten time was first on my to do list this morning.

My lips have been SO severely chapped lately.  Like, cracked corners of my mouth chapped… Darn you cold weather!  {excuse me while my lips shrivel off my face}  But, even if my favorite EOS isn’t doing the job, drinking hot bone broth from a mug definitely has helped!  I did remove the fat off the top of the broth, but there’s still fat content in the broth, which has been helping the chapped-ness immensely.

We were under a ‘Winter Weather Advisory’ last night, with a forecast of freezing rain this morning.  School was delayed 2 hours and lots of businesses were preparing for ‘Frozen’ to set in here in Fayetteville… LIES! No ice, no freezing rain, nothing. Not even a crispy blade of grass.  People in the south are so funny with threats of cold weather shenanigans… here, “it’s too cold to leave the house” is a viable option for not going to appointments and work…. Wait, what?!

Overall, I’m not feeling many symptoms of ‘detoxing from sugar’.  No moodiness outside of the norm either.  No headaches, no ailments, no discomfort.  It is only day 3 though, and we don’t really have a heavily sugared diet.  We eat dairy free and gluten free on normal days, so 21DSD level 3 with energy modifications is not much different.  The biggest change for me is the absence of bread, popcorn, cereal and fruit. Since I’m not gluten or dairy intolerant, I’m not as strict with my restrictions (normally).  I’d have a pb&j on regular bread or a grilled cheese or wheat thins with peanut butter if I wanted for lunch while John is gone. Not that I’m hiding it from him, but more that I don’t like eating the stuff he can’t eat in front of him.  He’s said it doesn’t bother him, but still, I think it’s rude. BUT, back to fruit. Man do I miss fruit.  We can have 1 piece of green tipped banana, green apple, or grapefruit per day, but I LOVE fruit and typically will eat more than 1 per day on a normal day. Grapes, pineapple, melon, strawberries, kiwi, & my fav: blueberries in a glass of milk with a tiny bit of honey. omg yum.  Maybe I’ll try to incorporate additional small increments of fruits as deserts after the detox. Only as a treat.  I like that.  I’m trying to get wedding ‘fit’ and ‘toned’ anyhow, so those extra carbs that I don’t need are just that.. something I don’t NEED.  Commit it to habit now, then use the rest of the year to fine tune! Gotta be able to rock that dress! 🙂

Here’s what we ate today:

Breakfast: Egg ‘muffins’ w/ tomatoes and avocado on the side.

Post WOD snack: sweet potato w/ cinnamon.

Lunch: Curry chicken stir-fry leftovers w/salad for John. Breakfast sausage left overs over salad w/sauteed spinach, 2 fried eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and home made Ranch for me. oh, and there was Frank’s red hot too. It was SO good.

my lunch: IMG_4124

(In John’s lunch, which I pack after I’m done cooking the night before, I packed a tupperware full of lettuce/spinach (probably about 2 heaping cups), topped it with the leftovers from last night, diced an avocado & tomato and threw that on top as well.  He also got a tupperware with a small sweet potato (about 1/2 cup serving) with cinnamon.  Another tupperware of 2 hard boiled eggs topped with Frank’s Red hot, and a baggie of carrots and peppers. He doesn’t ask me to make his lunch for him, I like to so I do. Plus, it was my idea to do this 21 day detox so I felt it was only fair to make sure he’s got enough food to keep him full and not seeking snacks that aren’t ‘approved’. So, if you’re having your spouse, roommate, etc do this detox with you, help them help you stay on the plan! That’s my goal.)

Snack: carrot spears, sliced peppers, 2 hard boiled eggs w/Frank’s Red Hot, & pistachios.  Warm bone broth to sip on as well.

Dinner: Spicy tuna cakes/sliders (from Nom Nom Paleo) with bacon avocado and tomato, cucumbers, & garlic cauli mash.  It wasn’t very pretty, but man it was tasty and filling!


Desert: Grapefruit or apple


channing ew edit jpg jimmy fallon processed foods ew jpg

Day 3 Recap: Still no ‘detox’ symptoms, but my hair is feeling really soft and my skin is clearing up.  Still need to work on honing in on appropriate snacks to send with John to work since he’s been eating everything! But, hey, this is a great problem to have since that means he’s getting his appetite back, which also hopefully means his current flair up is going away! YAY!

As always, add some sunshine to someone else’s day!



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