New Year ‘New’ You

Happy New Year!!!

In light of the new year and the basic resolution of getting fit and losing weight this year, why don’t we instead resolve to change our lifestyles?… Weight loss is more than just buying that gym membership, donning those sweet new nikes, throwing out the sugary cereal in your pantry, and getting rid of your secret stash of chocolate in your desk drawer at work… It’s a commitment. A lifestyle.

Some of us need an intervention from our unhealthy lifestyles, which is nothing to be ashamed of… Instead, fix it.

Instead of resolving just to lose weight, lets make resolutions for a total healthy life overhaul:  Make and stick to a bed time, get up early, hit the gym BEFORE work (make sure your workout is well balanced too! The girl in the picture you pinned to your ‘thinspiration’ board on pinterest didn’t get that banging bod by ONLY doing 30 minutes on the treadmill every day as her workout plan-yes this is a start, but she picked up some weights, she did some lunges, she did some squats…and more! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Building muscle mass will help boost your metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn that remaining pesky fat!), plan out your meals for the week, keep a journal or blog of your goals and how things are going.  MAKE SURE TO FUEL YOUR BODY CORRECTLY!!! I can’t emphasize this enough.  (Literally, wordpress only has bold, italics and underline…) Make smart food choices. Try out paleo, or even partial paleo-I swear you won’t be disappointed once you try it. Lets try new things this year, lets make our bodies look and feel the best from the inside out!  Try things that scare you or that make you nervous!  I’m pretty nervous about the 2 Spartan races I’m signed up for this year, as well as this 21 Day Sugar Detox… But I KNOW the 21DSD will benefit not only myself, but John as well, and he’ll be by my side during the Spartan races so that makes it 100% worth it to bite the bullet and get $h*t done!

Whatever you decide to do this year to benefit your health, go all in.  Go big or go home! Find your purpose and your passion in your resolutions and commit completely and totally to them! Push yourselves.  Leave that comfort zone! That’s the only way you get better! The sooner you do that, the more successful you’ll be. And I want EVERY ONE OF YOU to be successful!

Here’s to a healthy 2015!  Keep making your own sunshine in everything you do!



what are your new year’s resolutions? 

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