The 21 Day Sugar Detox

So, on a whim, I’ve decided that it’s a necessity to start the new year off right… so that means doing Diane Sanfilipo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox. This chick has everything mapped out, planned out, what to expect, what you need to buy, what you can cook, the no-nos, and there’s even Facebook groups for motivation and FAQs.  Head over to her website, read up, sign up for her email newsletters (which includes shopping lists for Trader Joes, Whole Foods, BJ’s, Sam’s club, Costco, Target, and more) and join in on the madness!  If you don’t think you’re ready to start on January 5th, commit to February, or March, etc! Or start on your own! But do make sure to plan correctly for this endeavor-as planning to start when it best works with your schedule will help you succeed!

Stay tuned for updates and additional 21DSD updates!


Now a little about me, the fam, and the holidays…

Sorry for disappearing over the holidays! It was organized chaos that required my full attention- we travelled with 2, almost 70lb dogs, 4 hours away to my parent’s house for the holidays.  Sully car rides like a little old man- sitting quietly in the back of the car, gazing out the back window, appearing to ponder his life up until that very moment… where he’s been, where he’s going… it’s nothing short of hilarious.  He was a good car-riding companion for his not so calm sister… Lexie is not a car rider- she is the definition of neurotically anxious, but I don’t blame her… If I was returned to the pound by my previous family by way of a car ride, I’d be anxious every.single.time I was put in a car.  Both John and I were a little nervous about how she would handle the trip, and after only 2 additional stops to see if she needed to potty and John sitting in the back with her for about 30 minutes, we helped her conquer the anxiety! Plus, at the end of the long car ride she got to meet her goofy (furry) Uncle Cooper (the labradoodle), her (non-furry) Uncle Hunter, and her Grandma and Grandpa–who have a fenced-in back yard and live 10 minutes from the beach!  Lexie’s first car ride, Lexie’s first trip to the beach, Lexie and Sully’s first time snuggling in the bed with Mom and Dad without wrestling Mom and Dad out of the bed… We learned a lot about our fur-kids over the holidays and I couldn’t be more proud of how calm they were around Cooper and the cats.  Lexie learned that we are never leaving her anywhere.  And, Sully, well… he’s still pondering all of life and what’s at the bottom of the never ending sand hole at the beach.  When I said he could dig, well, he dug…

sully and starfish john and lex xmas14 sully dig xmas14sullydug xmas14 sully and cooper xmas14

Happy {Belated} Holidays to everyone!



One thought on “The 21 Day Sugar Detox

  1. fantastic! i just got the 21-day detox book! i think i’ll have a soft start on the 5th, but have a trip back to my parents’ which may make sticking to it difficult. so i’ll really and truly start on jan 15! can’t wait to hear about your experience with it!

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