Sriracha Lime Chicken

CONGRATULATIONS! You survived yet another Monday! ūüôā

As promised, here’s Manic Monday night’s dinner!

I changed it up a little bit- Instead of just the sriracha chicken over salad, I made some cilantro- lime rice, with a little salad on the side.

Did you know that mini sriracha bottles on a keychain exists?!? I know what you’re thinking: ‘Stop it Sydney, you’re lying and getting my hopes up you crazy lady!’ See for yourself that it does in fact exist…

I’m wondering why I don’t have 75 of these in my life. Ok, maybe 75 is a bit much, but at least 3. Three would be good.

<a disclosure on the rice– white rice is not paleo, so don’t rag on me for that. ¬†The paleo alternative to rice is ‘cauliflower rice’ however, cauliflower is not recommended for a low-FODMAP diet, so we don’t do that. ¬†Typically we prefer quinoa or brown rice, but we’re out of those. Haha. Can you tell I don’t like to go to the grocery store? Food Lion is closest to where we live, and I avoid that place¬†like the plague… flies around the produce, no gluten or dairy free items, slow and horrible staff… need I say more?>

For the chicken, I smothered a roasting chicken with lime zest, juice of the zested lime, sriracha, a little salt, and some pepper. ¬†Toss that lime you just squeezed straight into the crock pot.¬†Pop that chicken in the crock pot on top of an aluminum foil ring (to elevate the chicken), and just a little bit of water so while unattended, the crock pot won’t¬†start smoking. (I get nervous about that.) ¬†I didn’t get the chicken in the crock pot until around noon, so I put the crock pot on high and cooked the chicken for 4.5 hours. If you’re prepping this prior to leaving for work, cook on low for 6-8 hours, depending on the size of your roasting chicken. ¬†If you want to prep for making your cilantro lime rice in advance, get your rice ready to go (you can put the dry rice in a tupperware dish or ziploc baggie), same with your water (only use half of what the rice calls for, you’ll add the other half of liquid from the juices of the chicken), get the pot and lid out, you’ll need 1/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves, as well as¬†one more lime- to zest and juice later.

<You go to work. You get sh*t done. You rock…¬†fast-forward to dinner time>

Once I got home, I poured the water in the pot, and brought it to a boil while I took the pups outside. When the water is boiling, add the other half of liquid (from chicken drippings) straight to the boiling water, then add the rice. ¬†Zest the lime over the rice and squeeze 1/2 of the lime’s juice into pot. Cover and cook for the recommended time. Finally, add the cilantro to the cooked rice- adding this last will allow for the cilantro to stay bright green instead of getting wilty and yucky looking.

Prep your salad- We had a baby kale mix topped with sliced red peppers, lime juice, a drizzle of avocado oil, (a tiny bit of) salt and some fresh cracked pepper.

Finally- plate your scrumptious dinner on this Manic Monday. Rice, salad, chicken. Drizzle a bit more sriracha and lime over your chicken, if you’d like. (or if you have a problem like me and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Ranch dressing, drizzle some of that goodness over the chicken too. Do what feels right. I’ll post a recipe for a healthy low-FODMAP partly paleo Ranch dressing later.) Dig in and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Are you ready for the lax picture of this dish? I know you’re ready for my sad photography skills… I’ll get my act together some day!

So, here’s the (amateur quality) picture of dinner…


It’s more colorful, right?! ¬†I’d love to see pictures of y’alls concoctions or renditions of my recipes!

Tonight, we’re having Tilapia Taco Tuesday with my yummy guacamole. Are you excited? I know I am! I just hope I can find some ripe avocados during this time of year… Stay tuned for that little bit of sunshine to be posted to the blog tomorrow. ūüôā

Have a terrific Tuesday!



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