This Week’s Menu Planning (12/15/14-12/19/14)

At first, when I started along the AIP/ Paleo/ Low-FODMAP friendly journey, I had no idea where to even begin with grocery shopping. On my typical trip to  Harris Teeter I spend a majority of my time in the produce section and along the perimeter of the store.  Lately, I’ve been loving spicy dishes and ones requiring fresh herbs – basil or cilantro, to name a few.

This week, I’ve planned our meals out so I could effectively grocery shop.  Here’s what’s on the menu:

Monday– Sriracha lime crock pot chicken over salad. (Easy, low maintenance meal for a Monday. We don’t need to make Mondays any harder than they already are!)

Tuesday– TILAPIA TACO TUESDAY! Grilled Tilapia filets in lettuce with my quick guacamole, & grilled plantains. (My guacamole is the BOMB, by the way.)

Wednesday– Shredded BBQ chicken & grilled bok choy stuffed sweet potatoes.

Thursday- Chicken artichoke ‘kinda’ carbonara over spaghetti squash. (this has bacon and spinach in it too! And it’s only ‘kinda’ carbonara because it won’t have cheese or eggs in it.)

Friday- Cajun tilapia spaghetti squash bowls.

And now for the grocery list:

*Please note, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, I cook 3 servings so there’s enough for dinner that night and for John to have leftovers to take to work for lunch the next day.*

Roasting Turkey (1)

Tilapia (enough for 6 servings)

Chicken breasts (6)

2 lb Bacon (we buy Applegate Turkey Bacon)

Romaine or Large leafed lettuce (enough for salad and taco shells)

Bok Choy (3)

Spinach (8 cups)

Cilantro, fresh (1 bunch)

Basil, fresh (1 bunch)

Leeks (2)

Artichokes (3)

Limes (2)

Jalapeños (1)

Red Pepper (1)

Roma Tomatoes (4)

Avocados (4)

Plantains (4)

Sweet Potatoes (6)

Spaghetti Squash (2)

Salsa (whichever fits your fancy and dietary restrictions)

Cajun seasoning


1 can full fat coconut milk

I hope this helps any of y’all that are needing some meal planning inspiration! I’ll post recipes after cooking each meal!

Keep making our own sunshine!



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