The Distracted Omelet (aka Fa-La-La-Frittatata)

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Good Morning Loves, and happy Tuesday!  We’ve been busy lately with Christmas festivities and Wedding planning. Plus, on top of it I’m creating more Spinning class profiles, and job searching. But, such craziness is life, right?

John’s work Christmas party:


Our outside decorations:



and the stockings were hung by the [TV] with care… for the four-legged kiddos:


In all the craziness, I found myself reaching my wit’s end… My better half reminded me that ‘Life is a powerful river and you are the rock in the middle… You can either let the river throw you around, or you can stand your ground and let it pass without affecting you.’  (begin rant) We’ve both had some stressful situations here recently with holidays and family.  The important thing to remember is to be above the line. Don’t become a victim to any situation, don’t try to be the hero, and most definitely don’t be the villain. Be above the line… remove emotion from your conversations of differences and move past confrontation with level heads.  The holidays are times for being thankful for all the wonderful times we’ve had, are having, and are yet to have with friends and family… not time for judgement and selfish thought.  In the same token, if a loved one has pointed out a trait of yours that isn’t so flattering or has had a negative impact on them, do NOT react, breathe, hear them out, and realize that they LOVE you so much that they feel comfortable pointing this out to help you have better interactions with them in the future because they want a relationship with you.  Acknowledge that they are showing concern for your well being, and the relationship that you share.  Same goes for work environments too, just replace ‘love’ with ‘respect’.  Let’s all be friends. Let’s all help each other be better versions of ourselves.  Let’s stop pretending we are still in high school and thinking that creating drama triangles are still cool and exciting.  Please. Let’s be adults. (end rant)

With all the holiday craziness, has food prep become the last thing on your mind? This past weekend I was planning on making some scrumptious omelets for brunch, but got distracted with decorating and other festivities and left the omelet on the stove for too long… No one’s perfect, right?  To my surprise (not really) it became this lovely frittata-esque dish.  I’ll pretend that’s what I meant to make… Disclaimer: I’ve been trying to use up the red kale and butternut squash the past week+, so there will be more variety once that’s gone. haha 😉


The Distracted Omelet ( low-FODMAP!)

What you need:

4 eggs, beaten

4 slices of bacon (2 diced, 2 whole), cooked

1 cup of red kale, shredded

1/4 cup butternut squash (do not exceed 1/4 cup as butternut squash is moderate on the FODMAP scale)

1TBSP oil of your choice (I used EVOO)


Red pepper flakes

Salt & Pepper

Salsa (optional) for garnish

How to:

  1. In a skillet, with 1 TBSP EVOO, cook whole and diced bacon until almost crispy.
  2. Add shredded kale and butternut squash to skillet and allow kale to wilt and squash to crisp. Remove from heat.
  3. In a separate, hot, greased, skillet, pour beaten eggs, add kale, squash, and diced bacon. Put whole bacon strips on a plate. Season eggs with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and cumin.
  4. With egg skillet on medium heat, Get Distracted…. Only for about 3-4 minutes or until top of eggs are barely wiggly. *If you set your fire alarm off because you got too distracted, that’s on you. lol*
  5. Flip eggs over in skillet to finish cooking the slightly wiggly eggs.
  6. Plate up your ‘omelet’, open faced, and toss a glob of salsa on top, add some fresh red kale, bacon, and blueberries on the side…  Voila!

paleosun jpg

Remember, you are the one that can fill the world with sunshine!



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