Hey y’all!

sunshine is the best medicine

Hey y’all, I’m Sydney and I’m in the pursuit of sunshine.

Yeah, everyone loves summer time and the warmth of the sun & soaking up rays,  but that’s not the sunshine I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about that metaphorical glimmer of hope, the ray of light, the sunshine after the rain…

Do you or a loved one suffer from an autoimmune disease (Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac), food allergies, or do you just really want to give your diet a holistic healthy overhaul? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you know what I’m talking about.  Every bit of information about turning to Paleo and low-FODMAP diets out there always has a negative twist… well I can’t eat this and I CAN’T eat that… with all the negativity, you miss out on broadening your palate horizons while working around the restrictions.  Well, that’s what I’m here for—to collect, combine, and concoct recipe adaptations, and explanations, POSITIVELY and OPTIMISTICALLY help you find the sunshine through being empowered!

Lately, I’ve come to absolutely LOVE cooking and have found it a challenge to whip up something absolutely delish while avoiding Paleo and FODMAP no-no’s. My favorite is when you disclose that your dish or meal is completely gluten-free/dairy-free/paleo/low-FODMAP and people weren’t the wiser!  However, **full disclaimer here** I’m not perfectly Paleo or low-FODMAP 100% of the time… we are 100% gluten and dairy free, and partial paleo and typically low-FODMAP avoiders, depending on the dietary restrictions of my fiancé and what he can tolerate. When symptoms flair, we go way Paleo and extreme low-FODMAP until symptoms subside. But generally, we are partial Paleo people and typically avoid moderate to high FODMAP foods. In the recipes I share, I will definitely provide full paleo and low-FODMAP adaptations. If you want more information on the Paleo diet, please check out Juli Bauer’s blog and her cookbooks. I have learned SO much from her over the past year+, and the most important take away is that it’s ok to not be completely Paleo, but cook for your dietary needs which helps keep a positive twist on our diet.

Along with my new found love for cooking, I am also a certified Spinning instructor, nanny, and mom to 3 four-legged children (two dogs- Lexie and Sully, & one cat-Bella).

Stay tuned for some recipes, inspiration, and life lovin’! And remember, some days you just have to create your own sunshine. 🙂



Visit Juli’s blog:  paleomg.com

What the heck is a FODMAP?: http://gutsybynature.com/2013/10/02/low-fodmap-and-paleo-autoimmune-protocol-what-can-i-eat/

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